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Mornings with Kerri-Anne
Davina interviewed by Jamie Malcolm on iPad launch 28 May 2010 about the iDress 

Photo: anina.net of 360fashion.net


Wall Street Journal

"Fashion designer Davina Reichman attended the launch in central Sydney wearing her own twist on the traditional little black dress, the “iDress,” which has a reinforced pouch in the front to carry the iPad..." Link


Give Yourself Rock Hard Abs Of iPad With iClothing
“Forget the gym. Why would you want to spend hours and hours doing stomach crunches for rock-hard abs when you can just buy a T-shirt with a pouch for an iPad?” Link


“iClothing, an Australian-based clothing company -- not affiliated with Apple, despite the lowercase "i" -- has designed a two-piece collection of iPad-friendly clothes.” Link



Video with Davina Reichman in the iDress talking about iPad compatible clothing Link


Sydney Morning Herald
"Four days before the iPad was on our shelves in Australia, Davina Reichman launched her iTee & iDresses... heralded as the world's first iPad compatible clothes"  - SMH, June 3, Style section, pg 2


"The idea, to develop garments that have 'invisible' pockets that are designed to store an iPad, was the brainchild of managing director Davina Reichman.
"I wanted to find a way to solve the problem of having an iPad with nowhere to put it," Reichman said.
Reichman became well known earlier this year after organising the Being Born Again Couture fashion show where she paired up well known artists with well known designers.
For example, Akira Isogawa collaborated with Lindy Lee and similarly, Nicola Fenetti and Guy Peppin, to create unique pieces for the event. Link


The Drum (UK)

"Australian fashion designer Davina Reichman has taken inspiration from her Kangaroo compatriots to design a series of must have accessories for the die hard iPad afficianado." Link


TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog

”This is a clever way to carry your iPad when you're out hitting the town Friday night…” Link


Cult of Mac 
Behold the little black cocktail ipad dress
“The iDress positions itself as kind of a chic, kangaroo iPad pouch, a cute to-the-knee number in black cotton sateen, perfect for when it comes time to put down your mouse and pick up a glass of prosecco, if their marketing speak is to be believed.“ Link


“iClothing takes a modern approach to wearable, comfortable high-street clothing old classics where favorite wardrobe items are now iPad compatible.” Link


360 Fashion 
Youtube video with iDress talking about iPad compatible clothing. Link

Download iPad magazines to your iTee & iDress http://mobilemags.360fashion.net


Email from Steve Jobs about iClothing
"Keep up the great work guys. - Sent from my iPad"



Do you love your gadgetry so much you wish you could wear it? Well actually, you can. There are some rad ranges of great garmentry out there designed especially for the connected consumer. Said to be "perfect for men and women with a digital lifestyle," the "iTee" from Aussie co iClothing boasts a pouch for your 'Pad. Link

Digital Journal
Australian company launches world-first 'iPad clothing'
An entrepreneurial Australian company has launched what it calls the world's first "iPad clothing," in time for the international launch of the iPad. Link


"I can’t think of a better way to do so than with garments not only inspired by the tablet, but also seemingly inspired by the kangaroo." Link


“Especially for those who like to mix ‘n match fashion and technology, iClothing launched fashion designs for men and women with a digital lifestyle. With the growing anticipation of the iPad, the clothing company launched the iDress and iTee.” Link

Channel 7 sunrise program 
Seamus Byrne, a channel 7 technology reporter at the iPad launch on 28 May 2010, was wearing an iTee from iClothing. Link


The Sun (UK) 

"The kangaroo-pouch style new clothing range, unsurprisingly designed by an Australian – Davina Reichman, is a must have for the iPad lovers who cannot bear to be parted from their shiny new gadget - the iPad launched in the UK today." Link


The well-dressed iPad: Chic accessories for an elegant tablet "For people whose clothes are a little more downtown than tailored three-piece suits, iClothing makes T-shirts and LBDs (for those of you who are alien to couture, those are Little Black Dresses) with big pockets for iPads" Link


Digital Artist

"For the ultimate mobile experience with your iPad, iClothing gives you the option to wear your tablet. Have no doubts though – the appropriately named iTee and iDress are not just about functionality; they are fashionable garments in their own right. The sleek pocket in each means you need to carry your iPad around while maintaining a hipster chic that will be the envy of all your friends.”


“The iDress & iTee – iPad compatible iClothing – designs by Davina Reichman & Luke Staley
Now the iPad has launched, iClothing innovates with fashion and technology by bringing the two together with a flair of style” Link

iClothing Offers A Unique Way To Carry Your iPad
“If you are looking for an easy way to carry your shiny new iPad around then you may want to check out these creations from the guys over at iClothing.” Link

“iClothing from Australia is showing off their new iTee and iDress. It is the world’s first iPad-compatible clothing which has a special huge pocket for your iPad.” Link


“Carrying all your tech about can be a bit of a pain, as pockets can only hold so many items without a) generating unsightly bulges, or b) pulling your trousers down... The answer to all this however, is here in the form of the iDress and the iTee from Australian company iClothing.” Link

"You gotta dress apt, if you plan to own an iPad. It's not a ritual, but geeks love doing crazy things, so iClothing from Australia has come up with their new iTee and iDress" Link

iPad craze spells profit for accessories makers
"Besides cases and chargers, other innovative iPad accessories have already been developed overseas, including iclothing - an iPad-compatible T-shirt and a little black dress to "store your iPad on the go." Link


“With a background in computer science and fashion design, Sydneysider Davina Reichman may be uniquely qualified to launch the country’s first wearable iPad clothing range.” Link

iPad launch 
Photo: anina.net of 360fashion.net
Download iPad magazines to your iTee & iDress http://mobilemags.360fashion.net


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Attitude Techno (France)

iClothing from Australia is showing off their new iTee and iDress. It is the world’s first iPad-compatible clothing which has a special huge pocket for your iPad. More pictures after the break. Link

iPhone Life
This Australian company iClothing took a cue from the kangaroo and came up with a great way to carry your iPad around with you. Built into each iTee shirt and iDress is a pocket for your iPad. But remember to heed the warning on their Web site: REMOVE iPad BEFORE WASHING! Link

"iPad ready clothing" Link

“Some guys in a company from Australia known as iClothing have creating something for you iPad users" Link

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"New fashion start-up debuts iPad clothing"

gallery/screen shot 2017-07-12 at 10.57.55 pm


The iPad Gets its Own Clothing Line "Australian clothing label iClothing has designed a specific line for the iPad. A nice little black number for the girls and mens tees have been designed with a pocket in the front to help carry and store your flash new iPad." Link

Everything Fashion For The iPad

The original iTee and iDress feature reinforced padded pouches which are comfortable and almost invisible. Watch the news.com.au video to decide whether you think it’s funky or freaky!


The iPad-Compatible Little Black Dress Has Arrived
Not everyone can pull off an iPad vest, which is why we’re relieved that someone finally came out with a line of fashion staples that will look good on anyone... Link


Urbandictionary entry - iClothing entry



iPad News Daily
"Who needs a necklace when you can head out to your next party touting an iPad? An Australian company produces the iClothing line, which comes with a built-in pouch (not cultural stereotype- it is like 'roo pouch) that lets you carry around your baby, I mean device in a hands-free fashion, pulling it out when you need it the most."  Link


Chicago Press Release
"It makes sense that fashion accessories evolve to fit our technological needs. But a new clothing line may be taking this concept to a new extreme. iClothing, an Australian-based clothing company — not affiliated with Apple, despite the lowercase “i” — has designed a two-piece collection of iPad-friendly clothes." Link


iClothing.com、世界初(?)の"iPad対応"Tシャツとワンピース (Japanese Newspaper) // iClothing.com, T-shirts and dress - the world's first "iPad" compatible clothing
There is only one iPad worry - you have the iPhone, iPod and iPad, but there is no way to carry the iPad around and simply to put in your pants.
From the country of kangaroo products, [Australia], this idea to easily carry around the iPad was released. 



“The kangaroo country is totally ready for the iPad. Australian fashion startup iClothing is going to offer the iDress and the iTee.” Link

“Marsupials Inspire Australian iPad Clothing Line” Link

iPad Kangaroo Pouch Clothing from Australia - Black Dress and T-Shirt Link











iClothing helps trendy geeks wear their iPads
"You certainly cannot do away with your iPad, especially if it’s a party you’re going to. And at the same time you do not want it to occupy your ever busy palms or cause you to carry some extra baggage. So we have this awesome clothing range called ‘iClothing’ that basically incorporates a large pocket on a trendy bit of clothing so as to put your iPad in it and move about hands-free. Just make sure you don’t spill your drink on the front of your shirt else your iPad may well be history." Link


Fabulously ridiculous iPad accessories
"Like other Apple must-haves, the iPad has spawned an entire industry of complementary products. It isn’t enough to purchase the tablet,, you have to have the chic accouterments to realize your uber-hip tech look to its fullest potential. If your love of the iPad means that it has become more or less like a fifth limb, you are going to want to keep it on you at all times. Thank goodness someone invented iClothing" Link


Fashion accessories for your iPad tablet on The Examiner.com
"You’ll want to be seen escorting an iDress fashionista– the must-have little black dress (LBD) for discerning ladies who are techno-savvy, marsupial style – and yes, it is Australian made! Link


Types of Travel Clothes for Tech Geeks tipsfromthetlist.com
"1. iDress – The ultimate little black dress, this one comes complete with a huge pocket to slide your iPad into." Link


Mobility & Email blog
"If you are as addicted to your Apple iPad as I am, then what’s a better way to carry this gadget around than with iPad compatible clothing that is now available online." Link

iClothing offers pockets for your iPad – iTee and iDress to impress

ITech and Gadget Diary

iTee & iDress: special clothing for iPad users Link




​iClothing Parade: iDress & iTee for every iPad lover! 
Where: Sydney CBD - Secret Location (to be revealed closer to the time)
When: From Thursday, 19 August 2010 to Friday, 20 August 2010
What: iClothing Parade: iDress & iTee for every iPad lover! 100% Australian designed & made.


“To get the ball rolling, here’s something fun for iPad owners-to-be to lust over: iClothing . This stylish dress and unisex t-shirt come with a built-in pouch so you can have your iPad front-and-centre at all times - literally.” Link


“This “classic” Little Black Dress comes from a company calling itself iClothing out of Australia. Appropriately named the iDress, this little black diddy features a pouch just below the waistline of the dress that is just the right size to carry your iPad around with you” Link


iClothing for The Digital Lifestyle "Two designs seem to be in the hot lists and have the answers of it all - the iTee and iDress." Link