May 22, 2024

A small collection of high-quality nail polishes is incomplete in a beauty cabinet. First, having a selection of fun colors makes it easy to elevate any outfit. You can also make it easier to do an emergency home manicure when you have a wide range of nail polishes. We have been saved by a bottle of Chanel Vernisin Terre brulee, which has often helped us conceal our chipped tips.

Nail polishes are a product that you rarely buy. If you are anything like us, you have a collection of nail polishes that you get as gifts, free samples, and even a bottle borrowed from a friend but still, need to return. We love freebies and eclecticism, but there is something extraordinary about using a nail polish color you have chosen and bought from a trusted brand.

What’s the hard part? Today, there are so many options for nail varnish brands. Clean Beauty has brought about a new generation of cruelty-free and vegan brands that offer long-lasting, chip-resistant nail polishes that don’t feel brittle or lackluster. Many of our favorite ethical nail polish brands are also homegrown. Sienna Byron Bay has been certified by B-Corp, while Hanami or Raww Beauty make their polishes using plant-based products such as sugarcane and kale.

People are investing in DIY tools and at-home manicures. “Home nail care is more popular than ever.” Nail care brands have seen an increase in sales, says Gaelle Lebrat (founder of Manucurist, a French-based brand best known for its semi-permanent, LED-activated polish. Now available at Mecca.

Nail polish is about color and luster. Finding a brand that is your favorite shade is the key to feeling put together, especially if you have to rush out with a top coat and nail file in hand. We’ve compiled 17 of the most popular nail polish brands, from well-known to newer online brands.


Hanami was founded by Hannah Jones, a naturopath from Australia, in 2016. Clean beauty lovers love to decorate their nails with beautiful colors. Her cruelty-free and vegan polishes have a large following. The brand is committed to using only non-toxic, breathable, and water-permeable natural plant-based products. Hanami’s collection has a wide range of expressive colors. We love the electric blue hue and its ‘Everlong” shade.

Sienna Byron Bay

Sienna was first sold at the Byron Bay Community Markets back in 2013. The brand offers 40 colors, including the dusty coral shade ‘Courage. Its small bottles are also available at some of the country’s most beautiful and sustainable stores. A bottle of Sienna will be your best option if you cannot fly to Byron.


Opi nail polish is a favorite of local manicurists for a good reason. Opi is a global cosmetics brand producing innovative formulas in quick-drying colors. This makes it an excellent choice for all skin tones. We recommend the brand’s unlimited shine range for a flawless finish. This summer, you will see us exclusively wearing Sun-Rise Up.


To critical acclaim, the Italian luxury powerhouse launched its first-ever plant-based nail Vernis collection last year. Its potency is a delight for nail artists, and the range of colors, including Miriam Mint and the dark gothic hues of Crystal Black_, is characteristically Gucci. Wear it with or without your Jackie bag.


Manucurist, a French brand, offers a gel-like manicure that’s vegan, cruelty-free, and easy to remove. Manucurist provides a range of LED-activated “Green Flash” nail polishes lasting up to 10 days. You can get the perfect set in the comfort of your home without any unwanted ingredients.


Essie is another trusted brand for at-home manicures. Essie’s nail polishes now contain an 8-free vegan formula. They are easy to use and put nail care first. We always have a bottle from the ‘Expressive” range for professional touch-ups that dry quickly. Essie’s top and base coats are highly reliable, and the brand’s pricing is fair.

Smith & Cult

Smith and Cult nail polishes are highly pigmented and have a glossy consistency. They also don’t contain any cruelty. The metallic shades can be used to dance in, and the nude tones will keep your nails looking polished for many weeks without any touch-ups. Smith and Cult’s elegant bottles are a beautiful cherry on top.


It approaches every project with the precision of a couturier, and the French fashion house does not disappoint. The brand’s beauty atelier releases small batches of new shades each season. Right now, we are in love with its luminescent light tone. This shade is perfect for pairing with Chanel lace or pearls.


Rimmel is the go-to brand for British girl glamour. Rimmel’s extensive range of colors is beyond your imagination. The new ‘Kind & Free’ plant-based formula marries intense color with a gentle, easy solution on your nails.


J. Hannah’s range of earthy colors looks and sounds Californian. Eames Ghost RanchArtichoke, and Eames are our favorite hues. The brand is based in Los Angeles, and all its polishes are cruelty-free, non-toxic, and made in America. Its sustainable principles also extend to the acceptable jewelry range made from recycled metals and ethically-sourced stones.


Raww’s cruelty-free and vegan polishes have a 10-free, extremely durable formula. Raww’s nail polishes contain superfoods such as acai berry and sweet orange oil. Simply applying a layer of wax is like giving your nails a nutritious feast. What’s not love?


Dior is another of our favorite luxury lacquers. Dior is a master at seasonal colors. We’re currently in love with ‘s rosy blush. Dior’s “Cashmere” lacquer will suit you if you want something more neutral.


Fashion editors love Sunday’s New York nail salons. If you plan on going somewhere other than New York, a home manicure with the brand’s non-toxic, vegan, and silky polishes can provide a similar nourishing result.

Sally Hansen

Sally Hansen, the home of Miracle Gel, is synonymous with high-quality nail lacquers at a low price. We need more American-brand gel nail polishes. Their quirky seasonal and glittery Y2K colors will always be a favorite. Its Strobe Light X-treme Wear Shade would be what you’d find in the Euphoriabeauty cabinet.

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