November 30, 2023

Designer rings tend to be more elaborate and come at a higher cost. Designer rings may be within reach of buyers with limited budgets. Designer rings are a great investment piece. They have a higher level of detail, and their name is usually recognizable as “luxury.” However, they can be customized so that the ring fits any budget. The designer line of Brilliance, Parade offers a wide range of styles and settings at different prices. Most designer styles, including the Parade line, allow buyers to select their ideal center stone and setting. Designer engagement rings don’t have to be adorned with massive diamonds or cost a fortune. Here are some tips on style designer rings that suit your budget and fashion sense!

Setting & Styles

Designer engagement rings have unique details. These details are inspired by nature in theĀ Parade Line. Scrolling vines, blossoming mounts, and floral motifs are all examples. Ring settings come in different prices and designs. If you want a minimalistic look, an elegant solitaire will help keep your budget in check without compromising detail. With designer lines, even solitaire settings boast delicate information. You can look for curved edges, unique mountings, or carved-out formations in the band. The rings’ designs are visible when worn on the finger. If the budget allows, designer rings often feature diamond accents in unique patterns. Diamonds and other gemstones are often used to form leaf patterns against the center diamond, as floral accents on the wrist, as scrolling vines around the band, or as subtle, hidden details visible only on the hands.

Platinum or Gold

The metal used in the setting can have a significant impact on price. Platinum is a popular metal, but it can be expensive. Platinum is more costly than white gold. White gold is the best choice for those on a tight budget who still want a designer ring. You can choose from yellow, rose, or white gold. To save money, buyers can choose 14 karats over 18 karats. Most designer rings do not have settings in gold purities lower than 14 karats. If budget is not an issue, you can choose the purest gold or platinum.

Center Stones

Diamonds usually dominate engagement rings. Many buyers now choose alternative gemstones for unique rings. Duchess Kate’s sapphire engagement rings have inspired many. Engagement rings made of rocks are a great choice. Selecting your birthstone for designer rings creates a unique and beautiful piece. When investing in designer rings, don’t be afraid of color. When choosing the perfect center stone, consider your personality and style.

When investing in a diamond center stone, consider the 4Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Each of these factors affects the value and beauty of a diamond. Carat weight can be sacrificed if budget is a concern. Colored diamonds, including diamonds with a yellower hue, also look stunning in warm gold settings. However, only some experts will recommend cutting costs on cut and clarity as these areas significantly impact the brilliance of a diamond.

Pairing with Other Rings

Designer engagement rings are often paired with any wedding band, or you can purchase a matching band. A simple band can be paired with an ornate designer engagement ring. This allows the engagement ring on the hand to remain the focus. A diamond wedding band with intricate details creates an elegant pairing.

Designer rings are available in all shapes and sizes. These rings may already have detailed designs and names that are recognizable, but buyers can still customize them to fit their budget and lifestyle. You can play with colors, metals, and details to create the perfect ring for your version of designer Brilliance.

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