May 22, 2024

Let’s get to the point… casual. What is a “business casual” outfit? Combination of traditional professional pieces with stylish, casual and beautiful pieces. A combination of sophisticated pieces such as a blazer, trousers or a traditional button-down with bright heels, layers of jewelery, a printed blouse or silk dress, and an incredible handbag.

Business casual is a combination of professional and everyday clothing. It can be worn together to create more striking than boring outfits and is still perfect for work, long lunches, or any other business-related events.

The Balance Careers states that it’s better to be conservative than overdressed when starting a new job. The Balance Careers recommends checking with HR to ensure you know any dress codes. Every office has its policy. But, it doesn’t mean you must abandon your personality when you go to work.

It’s about dressing in business casual to look and feel your best. You can easily transition from long days of emails and meetings to dinner and cocktails in a business casual outfit. You’ll be more productive and feel better about your work.

Every office is different, and business casual is not the same. Jennifer Fisher, a jewellery designer and chef, notes that the term “Jeans, Jeans, and Jeans” means what she calls “Jeans, Jeans, and Jeans” to her. I like denim. This is what I wear almost every day. It should be simple and clean. Before I even get dressed, I usually choose the jewellery I wear. “I plan my look so I can go to the office to any dinner and event because I am always on the move.” Fisher is a great inspiration. Jeans can be dressed up to make a work-friendly outfit, even if they are only allowed on Fridays.

Lazer-Sharp Blazer

Let’s start with a classic, essential piece for the workplace: The structured jacket. This outfit can be worn in any work environment. We’ve updated it so you can wear it to dinner and cocktails without looking like you’re still at work. This tailored essential is a must-have.

Blazers are professional pieces. Pair a great blazer and jeans with jewel-toned flats. This style is great for work, lunch meetings and business travel.

Flowering Ideas

Spring is finally here. The new season is a celebration of the blossoming flowers, the growth of ideas and the success of your career. For a professional look, pair a stunning dress with more serious, masculine pieces, such as a structured briefcase or bag and classic pumps.

The Navy

A classic nautical look is timeless. Stripes work well for every occasion and even in the office. This look is timeless, sophisticated, and elegant.

You’ll be comfortable sailing through another day in your work life wearing a classic striped shirt with a flared, navy-blue blouse and a blue bag. All aboard, in the boardroom.

Cocktail Wear

Are you meeting for drinks at work? This elegant and stunning outfit is perfect for cocktail hour. This outfit is elegant, stunning, and appropriate for cocktail hour.

A sophisticated, colourful mid-length dress can be paired with a structured jacket and a powerful necklace. You’re ready to go for a great dinner out!

Working abroad

Are you travelling for work? This outfit can easily be folded into a suitcase and is great for walking through new neighbourhoods, galleries, shopping and enjoying al-fresco lunches. You can create multiple outfits with these pieces because they are versatile. You can use your business casual to get your thoughts out about the world while you fly from one place to another.

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