November 30, 2023

Many Australians are prone to shop for new-season wardrobe pieces from abroad. Must-Have Footwear is easy to find as local companies are experts in the field.

Unsurprisingly, sandals are prevalent in our beautiful all-year-round sun and idyllic beachside settings. We have many scandals, including the most minimalistic slides and chunky ‘dad’ sandals. These could be worn most of the year, but local companies understand that unpredictable weather is a top priority. A wide range of footwear is essential for Aussie life. We need to be able to go from work to dinner and back again, regardless of whether we are in the bush or the city.

We have many options, fortunately.

R.M Williams and other iconic brands have created the Chelsea boot for nearly ninety years. A.Emery, a newer label, has encapsulated the laid-back sophistication of the Australian fashion style with its timeless leather designs. Some local women’s footwear brands are pioneering sustainable production and cutting-edge techniques. These brands are proof that quality footwear doesn’t have to be expensive.


A.Emery, a pioneer in sandals, was established in Melbourne in 2017. It has been worn by every member of our office since. A. Emery has created a new approach to footwear by offering minimalist and refined designs. These will last a lifetime and transcend seasons and trends. They come in various styles, from chunky and robust to delicate and simple, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

Christopher Esber

The shoes of Christopher Esber, an Australian designer, are very similar to his clothes. The boots are bold, modern, and refined, with lots of sex appeal. The brand’s distinctive aesthetic infused structural designs and highly conceptual pieces with an unmatched easiness that felt uniquely Australian. These are the heels that we dream about.

Nelson Made

The local brand makes the most valuable sandals we have ever seen. It also uses solar energy to produce its designs. These shoes are stylish, not unlike the images you may have in your head when it comes to sustainable footwear collections.

Mara & Mine

Mara & Mine’s designs bring luxury to everyday wear. Two Australians founded Mara & Mine with a deep knowledge of the local fashion market. They offer the best off-duty styles worn day to night and even to the office.

Alias Mae

This brand is perfect for industrial style. Alias Mae was founded in 2011 by Tom Kirkhope. It is well-known for its flexibility and ability to offer a wide range of trendy shapes and designs at a low price. The brand is quick to respond, but it also creates styles that will last forever, especially if you are a fan of boots.


Senso was founded in 1980 to bring stylish footwear to everyday people. It has been a staple for footwear since then. You will find everything you need, from simple mules and sneakers to high heels and boots.

St Agni

St. Agni offers sustainable fashion at a single stop. It uses biodegradable natural materials and chooses to use them in its designs. The range of footwear includes boots and sandals made from hand-dyed leather. They are elegant and sophisticated enough to go with almost anything.


LMS is the place to go for funky and party-ready shoes. LMS, a Sydney-based company, stocks shoes that make you want to dance all night.


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