November 30, 2023

Haircare for natural hair takes work. The results are excellent with all the shampoos, conditioners and strengthening and hydrating oil, masks, styling creams, and treatments on the market. It’s hard to beat showing off your beautiful, moisturized hair (opens in new window). Hair wrap is a popular product that should be noticed more. It can be made from silk or satin and can be a headband.

Silk and satin hair wraps protect hair, prevent frizz and retain moisture. My growing collection of hair wraps has made my curls look bouncy and defined. Understanding the benefits of hair wraps and how to choose the right one can be challenging. So we asked Whitney Eaddy, a professional hairstylist and founder of Juices and Botanics, to help us decode the world of hair wraps. Please scroll down to see her expert knowledge of hair wraps and some of her favorite choices. You can have your best hair day.

Why use a hair wrap?

Hair wraps are often ignored, viewed as optional, or unnecessary when maintaining a particular style for the morning. For many people, especially women with curly hair, silk and satin hair wraps can be a necessity.

Eaddy says that head wraps were traditionally used to protect women’s scalps against the sun, sweat, and grime. Hair wraps offer more than protection from the sun, work, and grime. Eaddy identifies five main benefits of wearing silk or satin headbands.

Head wraps protect hair follicles first and foremost. Eaddy says that head wraps “protect your fragile hair strands, reduce moisture loss, and help prevent tangles or hair breakage,” especially if worn at night. This is my favorite benefit. I notice a significant improvement in my hair’s texture and health after wearing my bonnet the night before.

Eaddy states that wraps are an excellent way to “preserve the natural oils in your hair which will benefit your hair and scalp.”

Hair wraps are also a great option to achieve Rapunzel-length hair. Eaddy says that protective hair wraps can protect your hair from root to tip, allowing maximum protection, moisture retention, and length retention.

Hair wraps can beautify your hair from the inside out by promoting hair health. Eaddy points out that hair wraps can prevent frizz by keeping curls in place while you sleep. A hair wrap, especially overnight, can help preserve your style no matter what time it is. A wrap is an ideal accessory for people who prefer a low-maintenance style.

Hair wraps can be more than functional. With the variety of styles and colors available, they are also fashion statements. Eaddy agrees that head wraps are a popular accessory in modern times. The head wrap is, like textured hair, about styling and styling your hair simultaneously.

What to Look for in a Hair Wrap

First, silk and satin are the best hair wraps. Eaddy advises that you choose a soft material to wrap your hair in. She says silk and satin are “the industry standard for protecting natural hair.” These fabrics are not cheap, but they protect your hair and keep your curls healthy.

Eaddy states that when it comes to choosing between a bonnet or a turban for your hair, the choice is based on your “function and style goals.” Eaddy explains that bonnets and turbans can be protected and preserved with bonnets.


Silk and satin may appear identical at first glance, especially for beginners. Eaddy explains the differences between silk and satin. She explains that satin is the way a fabric’s woven. This means that satin fabric can be made from many materials, such as cotton and polyester. “Satin is made of synthetic fibers. It may look shiny and smooth, but it does not have the same superpowers as silk 100 percent.

Silk, on the other hand, is the fabric itself. She explains that silk is 100 percent natural protein obtained from cocoons and silkworms. The material protects against split ends, doesn’t absorb all the moisture in your hair and scalp, maintains thermal regulation, and prolongs the time between wash days.

How to style a hair wrap

You can wear hair wraps in your home or out and about as stylish accessories. Eaddy says that turbans can be worn with any of your favorite outfits and come in many trendy styles. You can go monochromatic and match your wrap with the rest of the company. Or, you can choose a bold hair wrap with a floral, paisley, or geometric print to give life to a more subdued style.

How do you tie your wrap? Eaddy assures us that scarves and head wraps can be used in many ways. There are many ways to tie a headband; you can find tutorials and examples online.


Eaddy says silk is a better quality fabric and the best choice for hair care. This fabric is excellent for protecting your hair from frizz and split ends, but it’s also beautiful and luxurious. Please scroll down to see our top silk hair wraps. Many of them are expert-approved.

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