May 22, 2024

The company director, employees, and clients benefit from well-designed corporate uniforms. It takes planning and time to choose the right uniform for your company. Uniform Store is here to help you sort through all the options and find the right solution for your company.

Write a list of questions answering the following topics. You will better understand your needs by the end of this exercise.

1. Analyze the business

Take a look at your business and think about why you need to have a corporate uniform. Are team members not wearing appropriate work attire? Are there complaints about the presentation of staff? Customers are confused about who your staff members are and what they do when they visit your establishment. What do customers expect from staff? Is safety a concern for staff?

Consider the image that you want to project to your potential customers.

2. Evaluate your industry

Be clear about the industry that you work in and where your position is relative to other companies.

Do you feel like your presentation is lacking? Do you work in an industry that demands a formal uniform, such as tailored trousers/skirts and button-through business shirts? Is that too formal and unapproachable? Would a good quality polo shirt be better suited to your industry?

3. Talk to the staff

It is crucial to have discussions with all staff at all levels of the company. You can get them to buy in, so they feel more involved when the uniform is being rolled out. Know their requirements for the jobs they do. Different levels of your business might have different needs. The sales team might need a more formal uniform than the pick-and-pack staff. You want your staff to feel confident and comfortable in their new workwear. This will increase staff morale as well as company pride.

4. Women and men don’t always have to wear the same clothes

You don’t have to wear the same things as men and women. Many options are available for matching pieces worn by both genders. If you prefer to keep the skirts and trousers black, then a variety of coordinating embroidered tops and shirts can be used. This will preserve the brand’s integrity while allowing for some flexibility.

5. Safety concerns

Do you have employees at risk of being injured on the job? Are you putting your employees at risk by having motorized forklifts churning around in your warehouse, posing a danger to their safety if they are not visible? Are there any employees who spend extended periods outside and need sun protection? Assess the safety of your employees. Then, list the requirements for personal safety through corporate attire.

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