May 22, 2024

Although last month was rough, June promises brighter skies and happier vibes. This is due to Mercury moving out of retrograde on March 3rd and Gemini becoming active on the 13th. We’ll be more social, curious, and chatty throughout the month as we get out of our fashion ruts and start to play with our styles.

We may also be doing this experiment at home on the 21st when the Sun enters Cancer, ushering in summer. The zodiac’s homebody is Cancer, so wear comfortable, light outfits while you lounge at home. There will still be opportunities to go on road trips or hang out with friends when Venus enters Gemini, but that’s not the end of the possibilities.


Aries, summer is here, and you are ready to move. Even if you get only as far as the outer limits of your city limits on the 14th, the full moon will be in your expansion zone. When Venus enters your conversation area on the 22nd, give your audience something to discuss.


Taurus, you’re ready for social media to get a buzz this summer. The Sun will enter your conversation zone on July 21st. You will be a social media influencer if you dare to take risks with your style. Remember to choose pieces that can last longer than one wear as Venus enters your value zone on the 22nd.


Mercury enters your sign on the 13th will bring you relief from a stressful retrograde period. This month is the perfect time to explore your style. Only buy outfits that make your heart happy when the Sun enters your value zone on the 21st.


This month is all about fashion self-discovery. Wearing comfortable and functional clothes that still reflect your personality during the new moon in your sign’s 28th will be a must.


Leo, summer is here, and you are all about enjoying the small moments of the full moon on the 14th. While you are excited to have fun, you might need some privacy as the Sun sets on the 21st. You may need to retreat.


After a stressful retrograde, you’ll be back in business on the 13th of Mercury, your ruling planet. You’ll have many opportunities to transform your career and make your mark throughout the month. When the Sun sets on March 21st, you’ll network. Make sure to attend every business event that you can.


The heavy Gemini influence of June means that school is closed for the summer, but you are still committed to learning. When the Sun enters your career zone on the 21st, you may need to take a business trip or enrol in classes to grow your career. This is your chance to learn, research and earn flyer miles when Venus enters your travel zone on the 22nd.


Your wardrobe will heat up as the temperatures rise. You’ll find sexier places to go when the Sun enters the expansion zone on the 21st. This is a great time to experiment with prints and try out different outfits. Venus will enter your intimate zone on April 22nd. Make

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