May 22, 2024

This combination is popular amongst stylish men because of its sophistication and versatility. The variety of a blue suits with brown shoes can take your style to the next level. This combination, however simple it may appear, can take time to achieve. This post will show you how to pair your brown shoes with a blue suit stylishly. We’ll review everything from color coordination to matching shoes and accessories to create a stylish outfit. The versatility of a brown claim and a blue suit makes them great. The look can be adapted to almost any situation by making slight changes. It is stylish but needs to be more stuffy yet professional. There are several things to consider when pairing your blue suit with your brown shoes. These include the occasion, the suit style and shoe color, and your accessories. You can combine a Royal blue suit and brown shoes.

Blue suits and brown shoes:

  • Dark brown shoes are the best choice for navy suits.
  • Brown shoes, such as tan, cognac, or more casual styles, can be worn in a darker or lighter shade.
  • It is best to stick with the dark blue suit and dark brown oxford shoes combination if you’re in a professional setting. The lighter combination is best for occasions that are less formal or do not have strict dress codes.
  • Dark brown Oxfords and Monk Strap Shoes look great with a navy suit for more formal occasions. Dark Derby shoes are also an option.
  • Wearing a white shirt with a navy tie and dark brown shoes with a navy suit is always a good idea. Don’t hesitate to experiment with other shirt and tie combinations. Grey, maroon, and different dark colors can work as well. If you feel brave, you can wear a printed shirt in the same color range. Learn how to tie your own Windsor knot altogether.
  • If you’re going out for an evening, wear your blue suit with brown derbies or ankle boots to give it a casual look. If you want to wear a brown belt, match it with your brown shoes.
  • For more relaxed occasions, suits in lighter shades of blue are ideal. Pair them with brown and tan brogues, driving shoes, a button-down shirt with unbuttoned top buttons, or a plain shirt.
  • Do not limit yourself to blue suits. Brown shoes, blue pinstripes, or plaid suits in wool, linen, or tweed fabrics look great.
  • Wear your light blue suit over the weekend with brown leather sneakers and a sport shirt.
  • It’s all about the details when choosing accessories. Stick to brown leather for your belt and strap. Keep your pocket square and tie the same color family as your suit.
  • Choose a Custom Suit to personalize all the details.

What to avoid when wearing this combination:

    • Wearing a belt in black with a blue suit and brown shoes is not advisable. To look stylish, you should use accessories that complement your outfit.
    • Avoid clashing colors for your shirt or accessories. Fashionable is wearing a blue suit and brown shoes. Mixing and matching too many colors or prints can be overdone.
    • Pair your formal navy suit and casual brown shoes together, but only if you wear them professionally. When pairing your case and your boots, remember the occasion to ensure both are appropriate.
    • Brown shoes do not hide dirt or scuffs like black shoes. Be sure to keep your shoes clean and polished.
    • The same rules apply to blue slacks, brown shoes, and suits.
  • You can enhance your style by wearing a blue suit with brown shoes. Our tips will help you to create a stylish and modern look with any claim.

How to wear a blue suit with brown shoes

  • You can pair your blue suit with a pair of loafers or sneakers if you want to go for a casual look. You can substitute jeans or khakis for dress pants. The tie can be left on or off, depending on the event’s formality. This look is ideal for casual business meetings, dinner parties, and daytime business events.
  • A blue suit with brown shoes is ideal for a business formal. Pair your blue suit with long socks, oxfords or derbies, and a matching color belt. This combination is perfect for formal meetings and work events. Colorful or patterned ties can help you stand out at work.
  • You can wear your blue suit with brown shoes to formal events such as weddings, cocktail parties, or formal dinners. Your shoes should also match your belt, and you can pair them with a solid-colored bowtie or tie. Pocket squares are available in solid or patterned colors, but they must match the colors of your outfit.

What color tie goes best with a blue suit and brown shoe outfit?

  • Find a color that complements your suit. Here are some ideas that might work:
    • You can choose a tie similar to your suit color but a little darker or lighter. Try a light or deep blue connection if you are wearing a navy suit.
    • For a pop of color, try contrasting colors. You could use a sophisticated shade like red or yellow.
    • Neutrals go with almost everything. To be safe, stick with black, white, or grey.

What Socks Go Best With Brown Shoes And A Blue Suit

  • The same rules apply to choosing socks. If you’re creative, you can select neutrals or socks with contrasting colors or patterns. If you plan to wear pattern socks to work, you should choose darker colors and more sophisticated patterns (nothing crazy). Avoid wearing blue socks, which can make your lower half look flat.

Shoes for Royal Blue Suits

  • Royal blue suits can be worn in various styles when choosing dress shoes. You can’t go wrong with a Royal Blue suit and black oxfords. However, you can wear any shade of brown shoe with it.
  • You may have noticed that the shoes in the last row are “Ivory.” This would include spectator shoes and brown and white two-tone shoes.
  • Brown leather sneakers will provide you with both style and comfort. They look smart and go well in blue suits. You can create customized sneakers for your office at Hockerty. Click here to see it!
  • After you have chosen your suit, accessories, and other formal attire, it is time to select a brown shoe. These brown shoes are ideal for formal events or the office.

Blue suit with brown Oxford Shoes

  • The perfect match. Oxford shoes and blue suits are classic choices for dress shoes. Please look at these shades and pair them in any environment, whether it’s a business setting or an event. Feel the confidence that comes with the classic pair of blue suits and brown shoes.


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